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Australian Crushing and Belting Group | Engineering Support

At Australian Crushing and Belting Group, we take pride in our ability to provide innovative solutions that address our customers’ unique challenges. Recently, we had the opportunity to harness our expertise when a customer approached us with a specific requirement for a custom impact bed for their conveyor in the quarrying industry.

The customer’s request for a rolling impact bed that conformed to their unique conveyor specifications presented a considerable challenge. Traditional original equipment manufacturer (OEM) suppliers were unable to meet their specific requirements, while local engineering outfits lacked the specialised conveyor expertise required for this project. Our team of skilled engineers and technicians collaborated closely with the customer to design and manufacture a custom rolling impact bed that precisely met their needs.

The customer faced a tight deadline. Leveraging our deep understanding of conveyor systems and our commitment to efficient project management, we developed the design and produced a working model of the impact bed in under two weeks. We were able to expedite the process without compromising on quality or attention to detail through close collaboration with the customer.

Upon installation, the custom rolling impact bed surpassed the customer’s expectations. Its performance and reliability has been evident since implementation, as it continues to operate flawlessly without any failures. Our ability to deliver a highly functional and durable product tailored to their specific requirements has solidified our position as a trusted partner in their operations.

This success story exemplifies our commitment to providing customised solutions that address our customers’ unique needs. By leveraging our expertise, collaborative approach, and efficient project management, we were able to design and manufacture a custom rolling impact bed that not only met but exceeded the customer’s expectations. Contact our engineering team for more information relevant to your next custom project.

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