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The Role of Quality Filters in Crushing, Screening and Material Handling

ACBG's Filter Range

Across most heavy industries, including mining, aggregate, recycling and construction, the efficiency and longevity of your primary machinery is paramount. Ensuring that this critical machinery operates smoothly, efficiently, and without unplanned interruptions is essential. One often overlooked, yet crucial, aspect of this maintenance is the role of filters. Filters play a significant role in maintaining the performance and durability of your equipment, protecting both machinery and those who operate it. In this article, we will explore the various types of filters used in mining equipment, best practices for their selection and maintenance, and how Australian Crushing and Belting Group (ACBG) can help.

Types of Filters Used and Supplied by ACBG

Maintaining Air Quality with Air Filters: Air quality in most operations is a critical factor, especially in dusty environments. The presence of this dust and particulate can damage equipment. Here, air filters are instrumental in controlling dust and particulates as they prevent these harmful particles from entering the engine or depending on the type of air filter preventing the particulates entering the workers cabin, ensuring that both the operators and machines breathe cleaner air.

Hydraulic Filters for Hydraulic System Purity: The hydraulic systems are often the lifeblood of heavy machinery. They control the power and precision of movements. Hydraulic filters ensure the cleanliness of hydraulic fluids, preventing contamination. Clean hydraulic fluids are crucial for the longevity and reliability of hydraulic systems, reducing the risk of costly breakdowns.

Preserving Engine Efficiency with Oil and Fuel Filters: When it comes to engines in heavy equipment, maintaining efficiency is key. Oil and fuel filters are the unsung heroes, protecting engines from contaminants that can degrade performance and increase fuel consumption. They ensure that engines run smoothly and have a prolonged service life.

All filters supplied by ACBG are manufactured by our suppliers to exacting standards and have been field tested in some of the harshest working conditions. We are a proud supplier of Mann Hummel & Wix filter range. We are able to supply and source a filter to fit most of the heavy machinery used in Australia and the Pacific region.

Filter Selection and Maintenance Best Practices

Once you have the right filter identified, the next step is to ensure routine inspections. Filters have a finite lifespan, and they become clogged over time. Regular inspections and timely replacements are essential. Developing a proactive maintenance schedule ensures that filters are changed at appropriate intervals. Regular replacements not only maintain equipment efficiency but also prevent costly breakdowns and reduce overall maintenance expenses. ACBG provide complete service kits catered for your maintenance periods. These kits are a useful method for forward-ordering the correct stock required to undertake your maintenance period as efficiently as possible.

The Australian Crushing and Belting Group Advantage

At ACBG, we understand the significance of filters in heavy industry. We are committed to providing you the correct filter for your machinery by offering a range of advantages:

  • Extensive Range of individual Filters available
  • Service Filter kits available
  • Ability to cross reference most brands
  • Extensive availability, ready to ship.


Quality filters are a cornerstone of heavy equipment maintenance, ensuring that machinery operates at its peak performance and remains durable over the long haul. ACBG recognises the vital role filters play and offers a comprehensive solution for all your filter needs. Our extensive inventory, convenient service kits, brand cross-over lists, and rapid delivery capabilities make us the go-to partner for customers looking to streamline maintenance and maximise equipment efficiency. Don’t compromise on filter quality. Your equipment and workforce deserve the best, and that’s precisely what we provide.

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