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Eli-Flex FR909 N60 Rubber Repair Kits

In a bind? We have in stock and available a large quantity of Eli-Flex belt repair kits.

Eli-Flex FR909/N60 is a two-part polyurethane resin, formulated to effect quick and easy repairs to damaged conveyor belting and other rubber components.

Eli-Flex is commonly utilised on sites for rapid repairs.

Eli-Flex attributes
Quick setting
Easy to use twinpack mixing & application system
Excellent flexibility
High tear & impact-resistance
Good wear & abrasion-resistance
Broad spectrum chemical protection
Flame retardant
Low irritation potential
No special tools or skills required
Environmentally friendly handling properties
Can be shipped / transported easily and quickly
Safe to air freight (not considered dangerous goods)

Is also available in liquid and paste versions

Conveyor Belt Applications

Eli-Flex can be used on all types of rubber and PVC belts. This includes fabric carcass, steel cable and steel cored belts. Eli-Flex is suitable for repairing holes, tears, splits, rips, gouges, missing filler strips, worn patches, clip joint / fastener sealing, edge repairs, re-building cleats, chevrons and sidewalls, worn drum lagging, roller coatings and friction linings.

Other uses include

Industrial tyre repair, vehicle anti-roll bar repair, general rubber rebuilding, rubber castings, rubber repair, mouldings, cable-entry sealing, marine fender repair, floating hose repair, watertight insulation, expansion joints, anti-vibration pads etc.