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Bi-Metal Wear Liners Range

Highly customisable; multiple applications for crushing and screening.
Our new customisable Bi-Metal Wear Liners are now available, built to order and suitable for many applications in crushing and screening operations.

What’s Unique?
–  Chrome white iron casting plate, brazed with a steel back plate, not just overlay welded.
–  Top layer chrome plate for excellent wear life.
–  Steel back plate for superb impact resistance.
–  Customisable sizes and bolt holes.
–  Added bonus of customisable, pre-welded bolts can be installed to minimise wear on hole areas.

How does Bi-Metal perform? Has potential to achieve:
–  200%-300% increase in wear life vs alloy steel liners
–  300%-400% increase in wear life vs cast manganese liner
–  Significant operating cost reductions when compared to other liners, including chrome casting, hardfacing and other steel liners.

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